Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Loyalty begins at home

By William Haupt III - July 11, 2017 at 05:45PM

“Without loyalty there is no family. Without loyalty there is no friendship. Without loyalty there is no commitment to community or country. Without loyalty we have a Godless society.”

–Thomas More

When the first 102 English Separatists arrived at the shores of Plymouth aboard the Mayflower it was the most eventful day in our history. This voyage is an iconic communion exemplifying its story of death and survival in the harsh New England winter environment by this gutsy group of pilgrims. When they set sail for those enigmatic waters of the harbor few knew the substantiality of the many unpredicted challenges that would confront them. They were homogeneous in spirit, body and soul. Loyalty is its own reward! It will subdue the worst of foes.

“United we stand divided we fall.”


Contrary to mythical obfuscation, the maiden voyage of the Mayflower and other subsequent ships were mostly populated with families; not stalwart crusaders. These liberty seeking pilgrims brought   most of the essentials needed for their journey but none brought a crystal ball. That is why it was conspicuously essential for them to travel with families and friends tightly united to support each other after their landing. Amalgamated from all walks of life and classes they knew their longevity depended on their ability to bond the knowledge and trades of everyone collectively to endure.

“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

–Desmond Tutu

“When the going gets tough the tough get going,” and they did. From the day they harvested their 1st crops, if it had not been for their communal strength and loyalty to The Mayflower Compact, our settlers would not be history. A congregate from upper classes, tradesmen and farmers unified to form a primal democracy. Expressing gratitude, sharing, and giving are indigenous social practices since time immemorial. It was an early tradition in our colonies to befriend Native Americans who joined them as they gave thanks for their blessings celebrating bountiful harvests.

“Thanksgiving is more than a tradition. It is “giving thanks” for the gift of family and friendships.”

–Alice Kramer

Thanksgiving has become the quintessential American family holiday, but the quintessential family has gone away. Over the last 5 decades, a less auspicious clanship has developed. Along with this cleavage in homogeneity classical loyalty has disappeared. Many blame parenting but can’t explain the escalating family disunity even with model parents. Secular sociologists claim education and income go hand-in-hand. In other words rich, well educated households are more likely to promote more true-love families and that alone will foster numinous loyalty. They champion being raised by rich parents is unequivocal evidence that a family will have better moral values and impassioned sibling and parent loyalty.

“Before God we are all equally responsible; rich or poor.”

–Albert Wise

Sociologists have forgotten history. Our families lived through good times and bad. And more have survived from one paycheck to another than those eating caviar with a silver spoon! How can they forget the tribulations of those who lived in that “Little House on the Prairie”? Michael Landon was their savior in every episode. And how soon they forget June and Ward Cleaver not once failed to emancipate Beaver and Wally from the unctuous, truant Eddie Haskel. Is it too antiquated to recall Andy would bail out Opie and pulled Barney’s feet from the fire weekly as they solved the world’s problems during a savory home cooked meal served by Aunt Bee. It was difficult to discern these fictional characters from those in our own communities. And not one of these families was wealthy, affluent, nor opulent.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”

–Ronald Reagan

America has become a society of “doubting Thomases.” And we’ve morphed into an, “everyone for himself,” un-cohesive alliance. If you’ve read “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx and Engels, it is clear why the core of our families has been rapidly self-decomposing. What do these Satanist authors screech: “Abolition of the family. It’s embedded in every chapter and verse. Although Marx declares communists have no interests apart from those of the working class. He espouses to rid them from abuse by capitalists to whom a spouse and children are only instruments of production, like the machines in his factory.

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”

–Vladimir Lenin

One thing every TV show emulated was a closely knit family that worked together, played together, and above all worshiped together. And it’s an American tradition: “It’s the family that prays together plays together and grows together” as citizens that are loyal to their God and country. But in our nation today it is taboo to mention the word of God in any public place where someone will object. And dare not discuss the virtues of morality as they are etched in our biblical commandments for  fear DC will cry foul. But progressive politicians preach openly about the merits of gay marriage, and abortion. And they protect zealots claiming they have more rights in public forums than our clergymen.

“We must first dispose family unity, which will destroy religion.”

–Pol Pot, Cambodia

Why has America permitted open discrimination against the family values and loyalty that are the core of our moral behavior? Why have they condoned the progressive agenda knowing it ultimately will destroy the American family that made us an emblematic nation? Simply the progressives have mastered the art of deception better than Hairy Houdini. Talking about religion makes conversation hard because it adds a layer of moral complexity that advocates traditional family values. And that shoots the “hell” out of every liberal argument that condones the acts which are contrary to those supported by organized religions. And it’s many average Americans who sanction this for personal gain.

“The first requisite for the happiness of the people is the abolition of religion.”

–Karl Marx

Progressives preach political correctness in our schools, social media, public meetings, media and now our churches. Freedom of speech is only allowed to those they agree with. They’ve oppressed far too many American institutions to promote a federalist society. Their government is king of their kingdom and prince of their court. This was an easy sell. The more gifts from the public treasury they are able to hand out, the more people elect them. And that gives them control over us which is the apogee of all who subscribe to the doctrine of Max and Engels. Why buy the cow when they are giving away the milk for free?

“We’ve got the best politicians money can buy.”

–Talbert Staler

Many say Trump won because he capitalized on blue collar frustrations over un-kept progressive promises. Others claim it was because America rejected Hillary, a worse alternative. But there’s another major piece of the puzzle, and we’ve overlooked it too long. Trump won because citizens refused to give the progressives more control over their lives. They wanted government off of their backs, so they put this animal in its cage in a zoo in downtown DC. They prayed for our nation to return to the values and the traditions that made us great. They were PO’ed with the progressives attacking those things that built America and tried to displace our Constitution for the Progressive Manifesto.

“Reason has always existed, but not always in a reasonable form.’

–Karl Marx

The leftist drive to enforce a progressive social vision in the last eight years was relentless. We’ve made change now we can believe in. We must be loyal to that faith and put it where our mouth is if we want to forever restrain the devil within federalism.

“There are no easy answers, but there are simple answers. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right.”

–Ronald Reagan

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