Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Colorado in Focus: Colorado’s “Amazon tax” law is now in effect

By Watchdog News - July 11, 2017 at 05:07PM

Colorado’s “Amazon tax” law is now in effect. Here’s what it means for shoppers and big sellers.

What it means for online retailers

Chiefly, more paperwork — assuming retailers don’t simply give in and collect sales taxes, instead.

Large online sellers that don’t collect are now required to send customers a notice every time they buy something explaining that they may owe what’s called a use tax — essentially, sales tax that wasn’t collected at the time of purchase.

Colorado’s New K-12 Financial Transparency Website Gets Mixed Reviews

Which local school district spends the most money per student? How about the least? Which district gets the most federal funding?

The answers can be found on a new website the Colorado Department of Education has launched.

A US oil drilling recovery is taking off far beyond Texas and shale country

Colorado is not the cheapest place to produce crude oil in the country, but the state is proving resilient in the face of a protracted price slump and challenges to the fossil fuel industry.

A U.S. drilling recovery is under way following a modest rebound in oil prices from 12-year lows last year. This has improved the prospects for U.S. shale drillers, who must pummel underground rock formations with water, minerals and chemicals to free oil and gas.

The Centennial State offers a view into how the recovery is playing out beyond the Permian Basin, the Texas and New Mexico region where drillers have flocked to take advantage of the nation’s lowest-cost shale output.


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