Monday, March 24, 2014

NRCC Reveals The One Word That Motivates GOP Voters… And It’s Not What You Think

By Mike Miller

Following Republican David Jolly’s win over Democrat Alex Sink in last week’s special election in Florida, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has revealed the number one word that fires up GOP voters. But more on that later. P.S. It’s not “Obama” or “ObamaCare.”

The NRCC recently described to National Journal a first-of-its-kind political operation deployed on behalf of the Republican congressional candidate. The system is referred to as “Honeybadger”:

Led by Honeybadger, a continually updating system that integrates real-time data with existing voter files, they say they were able to track voters they had to target, discover what messages would motivate them to go to the polls, and project exactly how much ground Jolly had to recover when early absentee voting didn’t swing his way.

Strategists with the House GOP’s political arm aren’t shy about touting its impact, either: Without the cutting-edge effort, they profess, the newly-minted congressman would be looking for a new job this week instead of heading to Washington.

And, NRCC officials say, none of it existed in 2012. “We weren’t doing any of this stuff last cycle,” said John Rogers, the committee’s deputy political director.

Okay, so now the word that most motivated Republican voters in Florida to head to the polls in sufficient numbers to put Jolly over the top? Any final guesses? Here we go:


That’s right, Nancy Pelosi. When presented with the grim reality that every time a Democrat wins a House race, Pelosi edges closer to once again becoming Speaker of the House, Republican voters recoil in fear, according the NRCC.